Our Vision is the ‘Kingdom of God’, our mission is to pave the way for this ‘Kingdom.’


Our Vision is the ‘Kingdom of God’

In His first sermon, recorded in Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus challenges His disciples to ‘seek first the Kingdom of God’ (Matthew 6:33), and in His parables Jesus described what this Kingdom looks like in the heavenly realm and here on earth.


Pave the way for the ‘Kingdom’

Jesus laid out the mission very clearly when He invited His disciples to ‘make disciples of all people’ (Matthew 28). Disciples, as Jesus defines them, are those who follow Jesus, reflect His character, and seek His Kingdom.

As a Christian community, therefore, we embrace the mission Jesus has already laid out before us, while recognising that our context invites us to live into this vision in a very specific way. It involves a specific time, place and purpose. God’s call is never ambiguous.



  • To meet the rapid challenges of COVID 19 along with the regular predictable challenges for shifting a deeply embedded culture (Church, Childcare, Family Day Care), to a missional culture.
  • Create connection and sustainable enterprises aimed at the common good of our community. Working cooperatively with UE, UCQ and WMQ
  • Equipping future leaders, entrepreneurs and church planters. Helping them gain experience and develop key skills in social enterprises, theological and biblical training, and coaching in connecting with strategic partners within the community (Synod’s Priority Directions 2016 – 2020).




  • Strategic Coaching
    • Congregational Links
    • Collaborative Partnerships
    • Peer To Peer Networks
    • Ongoing Learning
    • Discipleship Huddles
    • Personal and Public Worship
    • Constant Prayer



  • To grow and develop everyday leaders IN mission rather than FOR mission.
  • Putting Discipleship and Mission back into the hands of everyday people


  • Follow Jesus; teach others to follow Jesus (John 13:15)


  • Build Personal Discipleship: Nurturing personal spirituality and relationship to God is the foundation of mission. Developing a discipleship and mission culture that is process driven rather than program driven.  
  • Multiply Missional Leaders: The natural outgrowth for any disciple of Jesus is the life of a missionary. You simply can’t be a missionary if you’re not a disciple, first and foremost. It’s impossible.
  • Plant Missional Communities (villages): Planting mid-sized groups that reach and disciple people in neighbourhood and relational networks.
  • Lead Kingdom Movements: Kingdom movements are a series of movements that form a larger whole that is the Kingdom of God. Lots of people. Doing lots of things. Going to places where God is already at work.

Core Values

UP – Our relationship with Christ

IN – Our relationship with each other

OUT – Our relationship with our community